Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, offers a wide selection of award-winning acrylic block windows, glass block windows and decorative glass windows that offer privacy, natural light, and fresh air to the home.

All Hy-Lite® acrylic blocks are injection-molded from American-made resin in our Pensacola, Florida manufacturing facility. Our acrylic block window products are proudly made in the U.S.A. by American workers from start to finish.

Each Hy-Lite product is custom made to the specifications of the customer. Once the order is placed, an acrylic block panel is assembled according to the customer’s style and color preference. After assembly, a seam-sealing silicone is applied to each of the blocks, and then sealed again with flowable silicone grout.

Once the blocks are completely and permanently sealed, the unit is placed flat and allowed to cure for 24 hours in this horizontal position. It is then turned and the silicone sealing is added to the reverse side. This side is then cured for 24 hours.

Upon curing, the sealed acrylic block panel is securely glazed into a thermally-broken aluminum frame or an all-vinyl frame in one of the designer colors chosen by the customer.

Following careful inspection in the factory, the unit is securely packaged for speedy shipment and sent off to its new home to provide light, privacy, and long-lasting style for its new owner.

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